Patient Incentive Programs

Patient Incentive Programs

Get Amazing Rewards

Would you like to earn prizes, movie passes, concert tickets and even gift certificates for “good braces behavior”? When you actively participate in your treatment plan, you’ll earn wooden nickels that can be used to purchase these rewards.

Rewards & Prizes

Clean teeth, showing up on time, and making progress on your orthodontic treatment mean you get closer to cool rewards and awesome prizes.

Concert Tickets

Celebrate healthy habits with a fun night out on us. Sing and jam with your favorite local bands with tickets to the best shows in the area.

Movie Tickets

No broken brackets could earn you a trip to the movies! Take a break from channel surfing on the couch and enjoy a new release on the big screen.

Gift Certificates

What’s better than a gift card to your favorite restaurant, store or coffee shop? Take care of those braces and treat yourself!

How to Earn Rewards

  • Arrive on time for appointments

  • Avoid broken brackets (by avoiding hard and chewy items that break brackets)

  • Have excellent oral hygiene (brush and floss daily)

  • Wear rubber bands (as instructed)

  • These points are scored on a scale from 1 to 5. Every time you earn a “5” or show improvements from your last appointment, you’ll receive a wooden nickel that you can put toward rewards and prizes!

Get a gift card when you refer

One of the greatest honors patients can bestow upon us is to refer their friends and family to Haeger Orthodontics. In appreciation for your referrals, you will receive a $25 gift certificate when someone you refer comes in for an exam.

Not Your Typical Orthodontic Practice

Having themed dress-up months at Haeger Orthodontics makes our team smile and makes your child’s appointment extra fun (we love seeing adults join in the fun too). Come into the office any time during the month representing our theme to receive extra Wooden Nickels. You don’t even have to have an appointment:



Join The Haeger Family

Want a straighter smile? We are thrilled to welcome you to the Haeger community.

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