Smile For a Lifetime

Everyone deserves to love their smile, but financial obstacles can make that unattainable. Dr. Haeger’s Smile For a Lifetime provides free full-service orthodontic treatment to local underserved children so they can have healthy, straight smiles.

Sports Sponsorships

Chances are we’ve sponsored your child’s sports teams and are cheering them on from the sidelines. If not, reach out to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities so we can see your kid’s winning smile.

Making a Difference

As a pillar in the community, Dr. Haeger supports a wide range of charitable initiatives and organizations.

  • Smile for a Lifetime

  • Kent Little League

  • MV Little League‍

  • Tacoma Bear Run

  • MVCAC. Maple Valley Creative Arts Council

  • Relay for Life

  • Kent Parks

  • MV Food Bank

  • Kent Food Bank

  • MV Kids Day

  • Tahoma Elementary Carnival

  • Covington Unplugged

  • Kent Health and Wellness Fair

  • Jewish Family Services

  • Mountaineers

  • Plymouth Housing

  • Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

  • Densho to honor Japanese Families

  • Covington Rainier Youth Choir

  • Conservation Northwest

  • Recovery Café

  • Rivkin Center

  • Tahoma Elementary PE teachers

  • Treehouse

  • Youth Eastside Services

  • YWCA

  • Washington Oral Health Foundation

  • Seattle Children’s Theatre

Check out the teams!

Kent Parks soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball.

Kent Little League.

Maple Valley Little League.

Education Matters

“Education was my ticket to getting where I am today. So, if there is any way I can assist others to achieve their dreams, I would like to help.” 
— Dr. Haeger

Scholarship Programs

Education changes lives. Paired with hard work and grit, it has opened doors for Dr. Haeger to become a top orthodontist. Furthermore, his success has allowed him to humbly assist his bright patients in achieving their academic goals.

Every year, Dr. Haeger awards $10,000 in scholarships of $1,000 or $2,000 each. This has amounted to over $100,000 since this initiative began.

Getting to know the brilliant patients that come to Haeger Orthodontics is the inspiration behind this program. A college education can change your life, but it can be very costly. We hope to ease the financial burden to uplift and propel our patients toward success.

Apply Today
Who is eligible to apply?

Current or previous patients or their family members may apply.

When can I apply?

You can apply in February and March. Look for an email announcement in February.

When are applications due?

Applications are due around March 31st each year.

How are recipients selected?

All applications received by the deadline are coded and made anonymous. Dr. Haeger makes his selection based on a point system that considers students’ answers to open-ended questions, academic standing, test scores, and other factors.

How many scholarships does Haeger Orthodontics award?

It varies, but usually six to eight scholarships each year.

Why does Haeger Orthodontics donate so many scholarships?

We want to emphasize the importance of education and reward as many patients as possible for their excellence in high school.

When are recipients selected?

Recipients are selected in early May.

Smile Bright

“I get great personal satisfaction helping people and families change their lives, and I feel fortunate to have the skills to help.” 
— Dr. Haeger

Smile For a Lifetime

Every child deserves to love their smile. After seeing the impact that straightening a smile makes on patients, Dr. Haeger started a Smile for a Lifetime chapter at Haeger Orthodontics. 

Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) is a nonprofit that makes orthodontic and dental care more affordable and accessible to children in low-income families and those in special circumstances, such as foster care or out-of-home placements. With a network stretching across the United States and Canada, S4L helps connect orthodontic providers with children in need. 

Many of these underserved children are at risk for unfavorable challenges, health problems, academic obstacles, and negative social outcomes. Improving their smile confidence through free, full-service orthodontics can vastly improve their overall well-being and mitigate the challenges that arise from low self-confidence. 

Our mission is to inspire and spark hope in these youth and dramatically change their lives for the better.

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Supporting Local Sports

Seeing kids in our neighborhood thrive through sports is one of the best parts of the season. We are honored to serve our community through sports sponsorships.”
— Dr. Haeger


From 2000 – 2023 Dr. Haeger has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. I have truly enjoyed learning about and supporting the successful endeavors of our Haeger Orthodontic patients over the years.

In April, 2023 we opted to give over $5,500 to four top-notch local non-profits that have impressive community outreach and support literally thousands of people. They include Conservation Northwest, Relay for Life, Maple Valley Creative Arts Council, and Kent Youth and Family Services.

Thank you for supporting my orthodontic practice, for choosing Haeger Orthodontics to treat you and your family with personalized orthodontic care, and for your continued referral of your friends and neighbors so they too can have a beautiful smile! I look forward to treating each and every one of them, so please keep referring!

Giving Back to Our Troops

It is an honor to bring our patients together in support of the courageous men and women who selflessly defend our country. Dr. Haeger has partnered with local schools for the annual Halloween Candy Buyback. This program encourages children to trade their excess candy for cash and prizes. The collected candy is then sent overseas to our military, with the hope of bringing a moment of joy and sweetness to their day. Check out the Halloween Candy Buyback 2022 and see the happy faces ignited by giving back!