How Long Does It Take To Get Braces Put On?

If you’re about to get braces at Haeger Orthodontics or another practice, it’s fair to say you probably have lots of questions about the process.

One of the most common ones has to do with time. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that straightforward since lots of factors can influence the length of your braces appointment.

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Average Brace Placement Length

Usually, putting braces on will take 1-2 hours for most clients. The exact length of this appointment can depend on several factors, however:


  • Type of braces: Clear aligners like Invisalign don’t require much prep, so they’re usually the shortest appointment. You get your aligners, learn how to use them, and off you go! With traditional braces or lingual ones, there are more steps involved (more on this later);
  • The extent of your treatment: The number of brackets and wires you need will also influence the appointment length. If you need braces on both your arches, then your appointment will likely be on the longer side;
  • The need for spacers: Spacers are placed before braces to create more space between your back teeth. This usually means the braces placement process is split into two different appointments;
  • Cleaning: Teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before placing braces. If you have plaque and tartar buildup, the preparation stage could take longer.

What Is the Process Like?

Braces are placed in just a few steps:

  1. Prepping

First, the orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth using a special polishing paste and apply a solution to help the teeth bond with the brackets.

  1. Brackets application

The brackets are then glued to the surface of your teeth using a special adhesive. They’re commonly placed in the middle of the tooth and serve as anchor points for the wires.


  1. Adding wires

Then, the metal wires are installed into the brackets. You may notice some testing and turning at this point since the orthodontist will try to adjust the wire so it’s comfortable for you.


  1. Adding rubber bands

Lastly, the orthodontist wraps a small rubber band around each bracket to secure the wire. You can choose the color of these elastics if you want, though most patients prefer the clear version to make their braces stand out less.


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